Artiom Dashinsky

Hi, my name is Artiom Dashinsky. I'm a product designer, author, and maker.

I'm based in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

My Books

Generating Product Ideas

Generating Product Ideas ↗

My new book helps entrepreneurs and indie hackers to come up with ideas for a new business, side hustle or a weekend project.


Solving Product Design Exercises ↗

My Amazon best-selling book helps UX and product designers prepare for job interviews and practice their product thinking.

What I’ve Been Up to Recently


OpenStanding ↗

I produce custom-branded laptop stands helping companies like Samsung and Sketch to have more effective merch. This product helps thousands of people to have a more ergonomic workspace.


SketchKeys ↗

I created keyboard stickers helping designers accelerate their Sketch and Figma workflows. The product is used at companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb etc.

Other Projects



In 2016-2017 I led the design of multiple products at WeWork. I joined the Israeli R&D center as the 1st designer and built the foundations of the local design team.


VeggieMat ↗

I invented an interactive placemat for kids that improves their vegetable intake. The product is based on four scientific research and produced from FDA-approved materials.

Retinize It

Retinize It ↗

I built this tool in 2013 to help designers and developers accelerate their workflow. It has 100K downloads and featured in Smashing Magazine, Awwwards, Webdesigner Depot, Codrops, Sidebar, etc.


EmojiKey ↗

I invented a way to type emojis on a computer keyboard. The product was featured in Wired and was my first commercial product that combined digital and physical aspects.


The Numbers of Berghain ↗

I analyzed and visualized 7 years of bookings at Berlin techno club Berghain. The project was featured in Mixmag, DJ Mag, Electronic Beats, Pulse and Digg homepage.

Client Work


I led the design of digital products for 8 years at a variety of tech companies like Tvinci (acquired by Kaltura), Mobilize, HelpAround, Commerce Sciences (acquired by Taboola), HelloDebug — a company I founded. I also worked on projects for InVision, SodaStream, and Product Hunt.

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Giving Back to The Design Community


Design Exercises Used At WeWork Interviews ↗

As a part of my vision of helping product designers to grow and learn, I shared publically the exercises WeWork uses for hiring designers. Designers use this resource to practice their skills and companies use it to improve their interview process.

Design Jobs in Israel

Design Jobs in Israel ↗

I’m helping startups and designers in Israel meet each other. I built a newsletter with hand-picked and often exclusive design positions that are sent Israeli designers.

Designer News

Designer News Statistics ↗

I collected and visualized the data behind Designer News to help the design community to get the best resouces quickly. The resource became the second most popular thing ever posted on DN.

Promoting Sustainability & Minimalism


In 2014 I minimized all my belongings to 27kg and moved to a randomly picked country, starting a minimalistic and more sustainable lifestyle.

Since then I'm researching and learning about the world's sustainability and how product design affects it:

Fighting Spam


I sued a company that spammed me and have got compensated. I open-sourced my court statement of claim and prepared a tutorial for using it which went viral.

Following my activities I was featured on an Israeli mass-media and opened a Facebook page providing a pro bono help with dealing with spammers.

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