The Numbers of Berghain

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One of the things that make Berghain amazing is the great artists curation. I find myself going to Berghain's website and looking at the listings just to discover great techno and house music artists. Recently I've been thinking how could I create a place with all-Berghain music so it will be also useful for others.

I ended up analyzing the listings from the last 7 years in Berghain, Panorama Bar, Lab.oratory and Säule to find out who are the most booked DJs, who is trending and lots of other super-interesting data.

Enjoy and... don’t forget to go home.

~ 7 years

Of data




Booked by Ostgut Ton


Played LIVE


Distribution of all listings at Panorama Bar, Berghain, Lab.oratory and Säule by years between November 2009 and April 2017.


Top DJs

Top listings at Panorama Bar, Berghain, Lab.oratory and Säule between November 2009 and April 2017.


% of all listings by venue

  • Berghain 50.5%
  • Panorama Bar 47.5%
  • Lab.oratory 1.8%
  • Säule 0.2%

Bookings Distribution

Top 10 DJs together represent 9% of all bookings.
Top 20 DJs together represent 16% of all bookings.
Top 50 DJs together represent 25% of all bookings.

Top of DJs listed at


Top of DJs listed at

Panorama Bar

Top of 2016

Listings at all velnues: Panorama Bar, Berghain, Lab.oratory and Saule.

Who built this?

This project was created by Artiom Dashinsky, designer and entrepreneur based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Feel free to drop me a line:

Where this data is from?

This data was partially taken from the data dump Moon Wheel collected and independently collected from Berghain website.

Can I use this data?

You can use pieces of the data from this page if you provide an appropriate credit and an active link to this page. If you need additional data points or have questions about using the data, you can contact me using contacts above.

How accurate this data is?

This data relates only on the listings from Berghain website. It doesn’t include spontaneous sets that aren’t reflected in the website listings. The B2B sets were tricky to take into consideration as well. Generally I’d estimate that the statistics on this page are 80-90% accurate comparing to the reality.


Cover photo by James Dennes.

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