Artiom Dashinsky

I’m Artiom Dashinsky,
based in Berlin Tel Aviv and I
Design things.
Make them happen.

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I create stuff that people
find valuable.

Designer News Statistics

I collected and visualized the data behind Designer News and it became the second most popular thing ever posted on DN.

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Design Jobs

I’m helping startups and designers in Israel meet each other. Used by BillGuard, Webydo, InVision etc.

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Product Hunt Statistics

I was asked by Ryan Hoover to create a data visualization for Product Hunt as well. Many cool people loved it.

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Personal Project


SketchKeys is a set of beautiful keyboard stickers that help designers to learn Sketch App. I built SketchKeys to help young designers to learn Sketch quicker and for advanced designers – to accelerate their worflow.

The product is used by thousands of designers worldwide working at companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Snap, HBO, GettyImages, TripAdvisor, Boeing and more.

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I design products for startups.

lead UI/UX


Video application for iPad: Quick programs guide for live channel

Original company website

Hamburger menu

Program guide for live channels

Live channel broadcast

acquired by Kaltura

Tvinci provides TV-over-the-internet platforms for world biggest media companies and operators such as MTV, Orange, Yes.

The company is one of the leaders in OTT world in TV-industry. It’s strong backend solutions serve millions of users worldwide.

Since I was working in Tvinci for 2 years I got a lot of exeprince in many aspects of planning, designing and developing products: A/B testing, user testing, managing front-end development and defining brand graphic language.

Tvinci was aquired by Kaltura in May 2014.

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UI/UX, product


Product website

Home screen

User's location approval in the app

Ask for help

Consultation with a nurse

HelpAround saves lives.

The app helps people with diabetes to create a safety net of people and facilities for emergency or just getting help or advice about their medical condition.

Once I joined the company HelpAround already had an MVP-product with users and now I’m helping to constantly improve it step-by-step and increase user’s engagement with the app.

I’m working on the brand-presence of the company and the product itself.

HelpAround included in a list of 10 Health Tech Companies Changing The World by Forbes.

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I design for technology companies
and non-profits.


I’m promoting InVIsion in Israel among our great design-studios, start-ups and technology-companies.


I designed and managed the development of the Sodastream mobile website back in 2012.

website UI/UX

Startup Nation Central

Responsive website of the company

Startup Nation Central connects startups, etnerpreneurs, corporations and goverments worldwide to innovative technologies in Israel and companies behind it.

Startup Nation Central is a non-profit and backed by the authors of Startup Nation, a best-seller according to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

I was responsible for a web-presence of the company, refining it’s branding and development management of the responsive website.

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UI/UX design


Company's award-winning product HelpDesk

Company website

One of the product page versions

Landing page dedicated for HelpDesk

the design featured in WebdesignTuts+

JitBit is a software company developing products used by Intel, HP, Nokia, Siemens, Ericcson, Vodafone and more. I was responsible for a complete UI/UX redesign of the website back in 2012 & redesigning their award winning product HelpDesk.

JitbBit Helpdesk is a comlex back-end system with thousands of active users, so my challenge was to improve the experience through improving existing patterns and worflows that users familiar with.

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I co-founded my own
design & code studio.

while you’re reading this
I’m listening to
Leattle Dragon — Please Turn

I help the design community.

personal project

Retinize It

featured in

Retinize It is a side project I created to help other designers.

The Photoshop action I created is a time-saver for designers and developers who are slicing designs for developers, especially for those who create Retina-screen optimized products - mostly iOS-apps.

I’ve got this idea from seeing my junior designers frustrated of time-consuming slicing proccess.

After making a research I didn’t find a tool that could perfectly fit our workflow and I decided to create one. After I saw that it works great and saves a lot of time and money to our company I decided to make Retinize It available for free for other designers or developers.

The tool made a big buzz in design-community and was mentioned by all major design blogs and websites.

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Smashing Magazine

I wrote an article on Smashing Magazine about an effective collaboration between designers and developers.


52designers showcases 52 most talanted designers in Israel. My work was featured in this project.

Pixel Dribbble

I'm one of the winners on Pixel Dribbble competition.

Smashing Magazine 52designers

I wrote an article for Smashing Magazine, my work was featured on 52designers, I'm one of the winners on Pixel Dribbble competition.

I fight spammers.

Statement Template

I published a template of statement of claim and a tutorial that explains how to sue spammers according to Israeli laws. My post about it became viral on Facebook.


I was interviewed by TheMarker — the biggest economical newspaper in Israel. In the article I explain what’s the steps in the process of sueing spammers.

Channel 10

I was interviewed by economic program “Everything is included” on Channel 10 about my sue.

TheMarker Channel 10

My post that explains how to sue spammers according to Israeli laws became viral and I was interviewed by TheMarker and Channel 10.

Thanks to: Daniel Polevoy, Lauren Tolila